Saturday, August 16, 2014

7 and 7 is (Fruits der Mer Records Crustacean 51-57)

So what is 7 and 7 is??? This is a box set of 7 7 inches by 8 different bands doing cover songs of 8 different bands from the 60s. I think it is a bit strange they had 8 bands and not 7, since this ruins the whole 7 theme, oh well. The Bevis Frond plays Clearlight, the Higher State do 13th Floor Elevators, The Chemistry Set plays LOVE, Sendidelica plays the United States of America, King Penguin the Byrds, The Gathering Grey plays Moby Grape and Black Tempest (plays Spirit) and The 7th ring of Saturn the Grateful dead… Since I also love most of these bands this was a great to hear the take on these songs by these cool, mostly UK bands. Most of the versions are pretty true to the original, as I guess people consider these to be truly classic songs and you should not fuck with them too much. A highly enjoyable set of 7” records.

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