Saturday, August 16, 2014

Domadora- Tibetan Monk (Bilocation Records 25)

I have never heard of this band and it is not at all what you might think based on the titles. No throat singing meditation music here.. the opening track is a like a massive crescendo as if the band is ending the concert or record but this is just the beginning of some killer mostly instrumental heavy jamming stoner rock from France. The band is a trio and after the opening track they go into the awesome Ziggy Jam. This track really captured all the things I love about heavy, spacey, stoner music… Killer sound and great guitar by Belwil. Naïroya is a 12½ min track that starts side B in a slow blues with some nice bass lines and guitar with a little bit of delay on it. Gradually the whole thing gains intensity as Belwil speeds up the guitar soloing although at bit repetitive at time. Intense track.  Chased and Caught is the first track with vocals and ends side B. It has a cool catchy groove and reminds me of someone else??  The 2nd LP is quite short with only a 13 min long track called the Oldest Man on the Left on side C and two short songs, only 11mins of music on side D. The Oldest Man has a repetitive riff and groove that goes on for quite a while before the track comes down and there are some vocal samples as Belwil builds up the spacey wah guitar intensity and all instruments except the guitar disappear and then the original bass returns and they go into another grooving jam but no more intense soloing. Cool track. Side D starts with the 9 min Domadora jam. This is a pretty hard edged jam with some solos at the beginning but a long with stoned repeated groove for the last half of the song.. Pretty stoned… Wild Animal Skin (only 1:19 long) ends the record with a short piece that sounds like a tiny part of a jam that maybe did not go where they thought it would so they just took this melodic section. Solid rocking album.. Hope to catch them live….

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