Friday, December 20, 2013

Sophie’s Earthquake- S/ EP (Private Release)

Sophie’s earthquake is a three piece German rock trio. This EP features 3 long songs that developed out of four years of the band jamming. Pressure Soul (8:41) starts slow and spacey and then the main bass and guitar riff kicks in with an ominous feeling and maybe a slight Eastern feel at times as it is builds in both pace and tension. It gets quite heavy before comeing down again and heading into the main guitar solo section. Great song and dynamics. Checkless (5:54) is led by a cool bass line and Janosch’s vocal comes in pretty soon after the start of this track.  The theme is dark and mysterious. Reminds me a bit of Soundgarden at times. Excellent song. La ira de los Tres is a very intense track with a more metallic feel at times and a quite heavy riff towards the end and very intense guitar solo but it starts off with some acoustic guitar. Reminds me a bit of the German band Trigon. Actually, if you are a fan of Trigon, you will dig this band as well.  Check this band out.. They were nice people as well when I met them.

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