Thursday, February 29, 2024

Minerall- Bügeln (Sulatron Records)

This is a new trio featured the guitarist form Speck, drummer from Kombyant Robotron and Sula Bassana, who needs no introduction on bass and synths.. The guys got together for some jams on a weekend in Spring 2023 at Buffbergen Studios in Hanove and bam, a new band and album is created!   Each jam is one album side long and it starts with the title track, which will remind you of that classic NEU vibe and groove as things get going and then it heads into that heavy guitar psych of Electric Moon,, Speck and others. My favorite track is the side B, Sachebene, which has such an incredible spacey vibe with long delay guitars. I really just got lost in this track.. Fantastic track…  In the end Dave, who wrote the promo sheet describes it the best, “the three musicians lose themselves in the spheres of space echo only to land again after 45 minutes”.  Check it out..

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