Monday, February 5, 2024


Wow.. Hard to believe it has been 8 years since I came to Berlin to see Pothead.  It was so great to see the guys and hear them play again. It was a really different set from last time and more on the heavy rock side but also some rare tracks..

We arrived about 20:35 and they were to start at 21. Got a beer, found a good place in front of Brad. Place was about 2/3 full but still some folks outside. I guess in the end it was 3/4 full. Tickets were pretty expensive, 42€. A lot for one 2hr show and no opening band. 

Anyway, the mood was great and it was a mix of the old gray guys like me and the younger folks and lots of women dancing!! Sound was perfect!! What a great and more heavy set.. I liked it a lot. The band said they felt the show was a good one as well.. 

They went thru a lot of their catalog but not songs from Rocket Boy or Chardeire or USA.  Last year they played a lot from USA.  Some rare ones like Fairground, All those memories and Mary Jane, were great to hear. I also was happy to hear Constantinople. 

After the show I hung out and talked with Jonathan, a young Pothead fan, who has been helping me out with some info about the band that I am trying to hunt down.  They let us in the backstage after about 30mins and it was so great to see Jeff!!  I had hung out with Brad the day before.  We stayed for about 2hrs and went in rounds talking with everyone. Got a picture of me and Brad, my daugher and Brad, Silvana and Brad..  Fun.. They are the nicest people…

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