Sunday, May 2, 2021

LITMUS- GOD BOMB 7” (Litmus Music 2020)

Space rock-punk band Litmus are back with their first release in 9 years. The band is basically a trio (Marek Bublik, Martin Harvey, Simon Fiddler) for the last few years and occasionally they have a synth player (James in this case).  The band have stayed active on the UK scene playing gigs every year but this is the first new music in a while. It features 2 tracks. God bomb starts things off on the A side (see video below) with some spaced out sounds and then a mid-paced rocker with a mellotron backing while the vocals kick in and then the simple rock riff is backed by more spaced sounds. All the band contribute to the vocals. Cool track. 

Flip the 7” over for Post Sonic Age, this is a more intense rocker again with mellotron and a bit of punky edge with an effected vocal but the chorus is clean. Lyrically it is about the digital music/world revolution that has changed and fucked up the world. Catchy track.  Hope the guys are working on a full length record. I dig this track. 

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