Sunday, May 2, 2021


This is a Russian duo of fretless bass and drums. Boris, the bass player also sings and plays MS-20, 12 string guitar, gushing, banjo and some drums.  The CD features 5 long tracks of strange and high energy music. the opening track starts pretty high energy and drifts into a cool segment with the MS20 and then back into the song. This is the shortest song at only 4mins. Botttommm is a more melodic indie rocker with some strange backing vocals that are louder than the main vocal line and just a strange song and far out ending.  Wow… Endlong is over 12mins but starts slow and a bit spacey. They go into this sort of Russian chant stuff and then the track starts to get heavy. Later on there is a sort of drone organ mixed in as well with the heavy bass lines and pounding drums. Log features a female vocal or Boris has done an amazing job to change his voice. This one starts at a very slow pace and plods on with the focus on the voice. At 3mins really blasts into a totally new universe and the volume triples! The bass is also much more massive. Our subwoofer rocked the house! Downwards is the final track. The opening is based mostly on the bass lines and some chimes. The bass riff is a take on someone, but I just can’t place it. Anyway, what a great record…..  Cool stuff guys.. 

I have to say the first time I played this CD, I was like, what the fuck.. but by the 3rd time, I really got it and this band (or should I say Boris) is pretty cool. Quite unique sound.

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