Monday, August 31, 2020

White Manna- Arc (Cardinal Fuzz Records)

White Manna are back with a new record.  Their last record really blew me away and I think it was perhaps their best ever… This new one, I was not sure what to expect but man, the band have take their psych up another level, again.  The first two tracks remind me a lot of 1970-1971 era Hawkwind but with a 2020 twist!!!  Next is a track with an interesting synth line but they eventually take you to a different universe. There are a bunch of short songs 1-2mins on the record that try to connect your brain back to reality after they blow your mind with each new track.  Sometimes it felt like some of the stuff did not fit together in their cosmic mix but overall this is some serious acid music to transport you to another planet!!!

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