Monday, April 27, 2020

Jonas Munk/Nicklas Sørensen- Always Already Here (El Paraiso Records EPR054CD)

This is the first record by the guitar players from Causa Sui and Papir. It was not unexpected that they would make a record together as Jonas has been extremely involved in both of Nicklas’s solo records released on El Paraiso. As you might expect, this record is a sort of merge of the sound from those solo albums with the amibient work that Jonas releases. The secondary title of the record is Compositions and improvisations for synthesizers and electric guitar.  The opening track, Shift reminds me of early Ash Ra Temple. Repeated guitar loops, floating synths and solos!!  Patterns starts off with a rapid synth arppegio followed by the guitar riff. A melodic, synth floats in overtime underneath the intense main music line. The slow guitar solo with just the right notes is played later. Here is a short track with piano and guitar with a bit of delay on it. Another guitar with slide and also long delays comes over the top.  Relaxing. The next two tracks are 10 and 11 mins long. Magnetic starts off side B and features some of my favourite guitar parts as well as some percussion sounds and a synth bass line so it is more groovy and energetic. It mellows out at the end. 

Tide starts with a more drone synths and a slide guitar floats in and out as the synths add more texture.

It is all really cool music but I wish they would totally lose it sometimes and “really” go for it. They always seem a bit too much in control!!  Still fantastic instrumental music. Enjoy.

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