Monday, July 10, 2017

Anton Barbeau- Heaven is in your Mind 7” (Regal Crabomophone winkle 28)

Anton is a pretty prolific artist (ala Bevis Frond). He is originally from California (like me) but has escaped to Europe (Berlin).  This is a 4 song 7” featuring 3 cover songs and one new original track (Secretion of the Wafer).  Heaven is in your Mind starts things off. Reminds me a bit of Reefus Moons a bit this one. I do not know the Traffic original. Secretion of the Wafer (his own song) is another multi-layered 60s inspired track. I really like the keyboard line on this track. Later a short fuzz guitar solo  is played before going back to the main theme again. September Gurls (Big Star cover) is my least fave of the tracks here. Clearly, a David Bowie influence inspires this version, at least for me. The EP ends with Scary Monsters, the David Bowie song, which you can hear below. Cool stuff.

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