Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thor Boding- Sange fra den dab-døde Zone (1st Time Records FTR003)

Thor is the leader of the Danish psychedelic blues rock band, Syreregn (Acid Rain). This record is a really cool collection of some of his solo works (Side A) and some rare material by Syreregn, that were songs only released on the internet or other places but not on the bands records.  Syreregn drummer, Rasmus plays all the drums and there are 4 different guitar players, banjo, and another bass player. Thor plays bass, guitar, sings and also plays piano. Side A starts off with Stoffet (The Substance or drugs), a cover song that Thor often plays at his acoustic shows but it is performed with a full band here. Fem små Ord (5 small words) is a short acoustic guitar track. Passionate singing by Thor. Min Blomst (My Flower) features very nice sax and guitar solos. Hey Babe is a more uptempo rock and roll track with a happy vibe and some nice guitar work as well. Sangen om Hans Marius features the banjo playing of Mugge! I Min Verden (Søren Madsen) ends side A and Thor plays the bass and acoustic guitar on this simple track..  You can hear the entire side below. 

Side B is mostly Syreregn outtakes and starts off with Søvngængeren (Sleepwalker), which features Freddy (ex fuzz manta) on guitar. Hvem ved Hvad is another happy blues rock with Danish lyrics and a nice catchy chorus. Love the wah guitar on this one by Freddy. Den Fremmede (Niels Skousen song) is a long jammed out track and features Lau (Fribytterdrømme) and Kristian Nielsen on lead and backing vocals. A fun sing along track. There is also some saxophone by Mads. Blue Eyes Blues finishes off Thor’s first solo record! This is a smiple track with banjo and acoustic guitar and sounds like it was recorded in a rehearsal room but I dig it. I enjoyed this one quite a lot. A nice collection of blues rock sung in English and Danish.

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