Thursday, July 7, 2016

Daniel Lars- Past to Present 2016 (Self Released)

Daniel is a Colorado based guitar player, singer songwriter. I have been friends with Daniel since the 90s some time and he has played in Øresund Space Collective on a few of our records. His solo material is very Syd Barrett inspired at times and introspective. Also inspired by the Legendary Pink Dots. This is a new collection of tracks, many released on some of his other CD-R releases and some that that have been rerecorded as well.  Last Kiss starts thing off and it is a dark acoustic guitar track with some haunting vocals. There is a sample that is layered in at times as well. Heart has faded Away has a pretty trippy vocal and a beautiful guitar line and some nice panned additional guitars as well. Floating over You is an amazing track from the Long Gone CD that has undergone a new mix. I love the guitar work on this track. Secret Forest is a fantastic instrumental track with two layers of acoustic guitars. Beautiful. Faded Away has a totally different flavour and vibe, almost sad and garbled at times but some beautiful guitar picking. We’re already There has a drum machine and some really fast guitar picking/playing and some strange sampled sounds in the background as well. Very nice track. A bit more light!! No More Pain is the first track to feature electric guitar and in some ways Daniel is even more expressive in this context. This track also features a pad like synth, some backwards guitar, drum machine and other effects as well. Reflections of Sadness is a brand new track from 2016 and again features electric guitar and drum machine but the drums sound totally different (much more low end and rawness). Fantastic guitar. The last track is a bonus track and cover of Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Dylan) performed on acoustic guitar.

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