Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zone Six- Love Monster (Sulatron st1504)

Zone Six is another group currently lead by Sula Bassana, who is the only member left from the original and older line up of the band. This is the group’s first studio album in 11 years and Sula plays the drums (he has always played bass and synths on all the other studio albums). Lulu, lays down the bass, Rainer (Pancakes) the guitar and another musical buddy of Sula, Modulfix on synths. Love Monster starts the record off and features some cool guitar playing by Rainer who mixes heavy riffing ala Electric Moon with more lead guitar. This early section of this track sounds a lot like EM. Martin is mixed pretty low and you often don’t really recognize his presence unless you really listen closely. The Insights starts with some spacey sounds as the bass and guitar slowly start a hypnotic riff over which the synths are layered. It has a nice melody as it slowly builds up. It gets heavier later but Martin plays a bigger role in this track and keeps it spacey. Acidic has about the same pace and again could be an EM song with the way the guitar freaks out and the bass line is very steady. Rainer comes up with some nice melodic guitar at the end and some synths can also be heard as it fades away. Cosmogyral is the longest track at 15mins. This features some really cool tortured and freaked out lead guitar while the synths lay this really spacey foundation. The end slows everything down and is spaced out.. Cool instrumental improvised freak rock….

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