Saturday, May 9, 2015

Daily Thompson/Mos Generator Split 7” (h42 records, H42-012)

As with many of the H42 label 7”s, there are many different colours and options to buy this music and one deluxe version on Silver vinyl that also comes with a cassette with two unreleased Mos Generator tracks and two extra Daily Thompson tracks, not unreleased.  Mos Generator starts off the A side with a track called Vol IV. I wish it was Black Sabbath Vol 4 like but it is not. It is however a very raw nasty sound on an melodic hard rock song by the band that starts to really groove at the end and gets better and better. Flip the 7” over for Spit out the Crap! This is an uptempo stoner rock track with a lot more energy than the A side. It has a cool intense wah guitar section before going back to the main form of the track. A short blast of a track.

The cassette comes with three bonus tracks by each band. The Mos Generator tracks include Vol. IV, a demo of a track called Slow/moody which is just like the title says but I quite like the mood but then an average hard rock guitar riff comes in for the middle section and then back to the slow dark theme.  The live version of Early Mourning from the Freak Valley Festival shows that band really kicking ass. The Daily Thompson side has Spit out the Crap and next is a track called Lifetime. This is quite a catchy track with a groove like QOSTA but luckily he does not try to sing like Josh but then the track becomes very repetitive as the same heavy riff is repeated over and over. Moothman is the last track and slower and more stoned with a FuManchu like vocal. A cool release.

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