Saturday, May 9, 2015

Space Debris- Live at Finkenbach 2012 (Green Brain SDFID415CD)

Six years ago the band released a live CD and DVD from Burg Herzberg. Since that time the band have released quite a few records and have a new keyboard player and bass player. Tommy (guitar) and Christian (drums) is still the mainstay of the band. He also has another band that has recently released an album. This CD features new songs and nothing that was on that previous live record and starts off with the great song Sunny Freaks.
A slow heavy burning 70s blues rocker with nice organ and great guitar playing. The whole band have a great feel to the way they play like the Allman Brothers in a single drummer, single guitar version.  Just great playing and jamming from all players. Finkimountain is next at weighs in at 19mins. This has a monster Hendrix inspired guitar riff that starts the song off. After Tommy does a solo Winnie does a great solo and then they trade back and forth each taking cool solos and then back to the heavy riff every now and again. Great stuff. Woodways is the next track that last 17mins and is broken into two pieces. It starts with a wah delay guitar and some piano as it slowly grows. When the track comes down and Winnie is playing the organ by himself, the 1st part comes to an end and they off on another jam with a bit of an eastern flavour to it. Winnie later changes to a Rhodes piano like sound with a cool effect on it. Out of the Sun ends the live concert and includes a short drum solo. I love the riff , the tension on this track. The very last track is a sort of bonus track called Demons and was recorded in Koblenz by Andreas in 2014. This track is very synthesizer oriented track with some intense drumming at the end. This track is cool but feels a bit less together than the other jams. Another great album and you can see some of the concert at the video below.

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