Saturday, May 9, 2015

Electric Moon- Theory of Mind (Sulatron st1506)

Electric Moon is back with a new double vinyl or CD release. The album was recorded in Heildeberg and mixed by Sula. It features one song per album side and starts off with the 16min Hypnotika. This starts slowly with some synthesizers and slowly builds up into the EM wall of hypnotic sound and HEAVY spaced out guitar…. A cool jam but a lot like many other pieces you have heard by them. Next up is the 19min title track. It starts off more floating and noodling and slowly the synth becomes more prominent in the sound. As the synths disappeared into the ether, this slowly builds up with a long and melodic slow stoney wah solo by Sula. As is pretty standard for EM, it slowly gets more and more heavy phased out guitar as the bass and drums just keep it steady… Totally far out guitar effects and torture at the end… The Picture starts off side 3 with a very heavy bass line and guitar riff, some of the most doomy stuff the band has done. Eventually Sula totally loses control of his guitar as the track spins out of control……… but the hypnosis is still in full effect. Aerosoul is the last track at 14½ mins long and more spacey and something a bit different, which I like a lot.  The band deliver what the fans, I guess expect of them these days, heavy hypnotic music with freakout guitar.... Enjoy...

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