Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Chemistry Set- Elaspsed Memories 7”(Fruits De Mer Records WINKLE18)

The UK psych band, the Chemistry Set is back with another cool 7” record. The 7” features two original tracks and a Jimi Hendrix cover (Love or Confusion). Elapsed memories starts things off and takes you back to the late 60s but with a more modern sound production. A bit poppy, a bit dreamy and very melodic but stuck 40 years back in time.  A cure for the Inflicted Afflicted has a pretty hard rocking guitar riff but then it weaves in and out of more melodic parts and this very cool guitar riff and guitar solo. Fantastic track and I love the harmonica that kicks in at the end. The last track, is the Hendrix track in a nice acoustic version with a bit of sitar and hand drums. Great version from a very cool band..

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