Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saint Vitus and Orange Goblin- Babel, Malmö, Sweden 11/7/14

This was the 2nd night of our honeymoon and like yesterday when we arrived at KB and got to meet Charlie Starr, when we walked up to Babel, there was Wino coming out the door. I had met him on several occasions and he remembered me and we had a nice chat and then he headed off to get some air he said. He was in a good mood and said the tour was going great.  

          We could not decide what to eat but ended up at the Curry Hut and this was a good choice. The Indian food was excellent. I wanted to order the Phal, which was to be insanely hot but since we were only getting one dish to share as we had a big lunch, we did not got for the super hot one. We were to meet up with my friend Nils but sadly he was sick. We arrived at the venue and I had never been in this converted church venue and wow. This was a great place, probably the best venue I have been to in Malmö. Three different balcony layers so it was easy to find a good place. I chose to be right in front of Chandler (guitarist for St Vitus) on the first balcony, as the drums are always mixed too loud for St Vitus since Hank joined. I also talked with Banessa, the great local DJ who also does shows in Copenhagen as well. Super nice lady..

          Orange Goblin hit the stage at 20:10 and rocked the place for an hour. The crowd was totally mad for OG and were going crazy on the bass player side. Wild people, moshing and having a lot of fun. The band played a mix of tracks from most of their records and I think 3 from the new album. Sabbath Hex was a great one. The guitar player is really good but he only makes really short solos. Ben, looked so huge on this stage and the crowd really blew him away by being so into their set. This was the first time either band had ever played in Malmo. I enjoyed their set a lot especially Saurman’s Wish and Blue Snow.

Set List: Scorponica, Acid Trial, Saurman’s Wish, Sabbath hex, Heavy Lies, Blue Snow, Some you Win, Into the Arms, Devil’s Whip, The Fog, They come back, Quincy the Pigboy, Red the Rising

          It took them a half an hour or so to change out the drums and stuff before Vitus hit the stage and there was a bit of an altercation with Hank and a guy in the front row that could have turned ugly but did not. Saint Vitus are also pretty conservative as far as the set list go each night but I had never seen them play all the songs from Born To Late. It was a great mix of quite a few of their more high energy tracks and fewer of the slower ones. I wish they would mix Chandler’s guitar higher and the drums lower though as Hank, although he is a great drummer and pounds the shit out of his kit, he does not have to be louder than all the other instruments. Wino delivered the vocals with perfection and the whole band had a good time with the very wild audience who was really into it. I had rarely seen a crowd like this in Malmö. Really fun night and the band hung out with the audience afterwards which was really nice.

Set List: Living Backwards, I bleed black, Blessed Night, Let them Fall, White Stallions, The Troll, War Starter, Lost Feeling, HAAG, Dying Inside, Clear Windowpayne, Born to Late

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