Friday, July 15, 2011

Desert Wizards- Desert Wizards (Black Widow Records DWCD 001.2)

There is not a lot of information about this band but they are a four piece (drums, bass, two guitars, and keyboards) psychedelic rock band from Ravenna, Italy. This appears to be their debut record and features 9 tracks in 52 mins. The 8 min track Apocalypse Begins starts things off. The sound production is quite strange (quite a terrible drum sound) but this gives it a bit more of a psychedelic sound. The vocals are pretty special and the female keyboard player she adds a lot of more melodic backing vocals to this uptempo hard rocking track. Burn with Me is a slower more spacey psychedelic track with some pretty cool guitar work by Gito. Funeral Smoke is another long track at 7 mins and features the organ a bit more prominent but a heavy guitar riff as well. There are not a lot of lyrics in this mostly instrumental song with a really dynamic and psychedelic ending: a quite heavy guitar riff and some organs to balance it out. The Lisergic Show takes a very strange twist and starts off very strange and then becomes a bit bluesy and spacey and then back to the way it started. Serial Killer begins with acoustic guitar and sounds a bit like it could be part of an Italian horror film soundtrack. Fantastic emotional track. Pulsar picks up the pace and starts with some wah guitar and then a sample of some sort as the band plays some more melodic stuff and the track picks up again at the end. Woman in White is something a bit bluesy and almost stoner rock with a cool smooth laid back groove and some back and forth with the guitar and organ. Last call to Saturn is a spacey and sometimes heavy 5 mins instrumental track that ends this CD. I look forward to hearing the next record by this band. It is not a bad debut and I enjoyed many of the tracks a lot but I could use some more solos and freaking out a bit and then returning to the good ideas of the tracks they create. Some will probably really like the sound on this album but I was not so fond of it. Good work folks. Ciao…

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