Thursday, July 14, 2022

Injuria/Morte Perpetua - VIII Hymns towards Intolerance and Satanic Immortality (Harvest of Death)

Some Dutch friends of ours have a son and he plays on this release. He gave me a copy of the split tape release.  Thomas also made the artwork, which is real old school DIY stuff but pretty cool and very satanic…  As for the music, it is starts off with Injuria, slow with some intense vocals then the drums really kick it up a notch and the vocals get more evil and twisted..  Pretty far out….. I am not really into this black metal stuff at all and I have a hard time hearing anything new in it but this is like old school Venom vibe but with a more raw production and more crazy vocal.. Intense and raw with a lot of energy…. the singer for sure suffers for his art!!  Side B is Morte Perpetua is a more raw production, faster but with a similar style of vocal. Brutal.. that is all I can say. 

This is real underground black metal stuff from Portugal.. No idea how many copies this tape is made in but I guess less than 100!! Released in Feb 2022..  They have no bandcamp site or anything that I could find.

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