Friday, December 11, 2020

Tsiolkovski- Molniya (White Dwarf WHD009)

Tsiolkovski is a one band based in Bordeaux, France, who has created a very intense instrumental record. These tracks were recorded between  December 2017 and November 2019. .  Jean- Philippe Bidegain is quite a talented guy playing Guitars, Bass, Drums, Fender Rhodes, Korg MS-20 and other synths.  The opening track, Voskhod is quite slow with a very simple drum line and two layers of quite psychedelic guitar.  The bass line pushes through the mix with a repeated riff while the guitar remains quite intense. This track reminds me a bit of Domboashawa.  The title track speeds things up and keeps the intense guitar firmly in your face, while some synths fly across the soundscape here and there. The motoroik drums and bass are mixed quite low but provide just enough drive.  Clearly, the guitars are meant to melt your brain!!!  Half way through the track, the guitar dies off to give your brain a rest and synths replace the guitar as the drums and bass just keep on going. The end of the track gets really doomy as it slows and the guitars return.  Terechova starts very repetitive and they synths play a more major role in the sound to start as this is more dark and doomy in the vibe and the heaviest track so far as the guitar slowly enters into the facemelt range again and then slowly comes down again. Psychedelic doom!!   That ends side A.. Flip the record over and start off with Mons Maenalus.  A drone starts things off the pace is quite slow but the one guitar (perhaps with E-bow) is spacey and cut through the sound as this track glides along through space.  About mid way through the doom bass riff kicks in and some swirly synths can just be heard in the background (wish they were higher) as the 2nd guitar cuts through and screams in your ear!  It is an interesting way of soloing, not traditional but more like a noise band.  LMC X-3 brings on a full space rocking sound with a nice bass and drum groove and some spacey less doomy guitar and is the shortest track on the LP. Lunokhod ends the record and is a mid paced track with a hypnotic groove and a smooth synth line at the start and then the guitar flows in once again to dominate the sound. The track slowly fades down and ends pretty fast. Wow.. What can I say…   A pretty impressive debut!!  Limited to 187 clear/red and 295 black copies… Check it out..

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