Sunday, December 20, 2020

Red Spektor- Heart of the Renewed Sun (Bilocation Records ARTIFACT 97)

I really dug this UK trios last album but they have really topped it with this killer 70s rock and groover.  8 really well crafted and rockin’ tunes.  Warflower starts things off in a groovy way. At about 2 mins the band starts to space out a bit as things come down and then back to the rock. Revol starts slowly, almost a bit doomy, bluesy and hypnotic and about 1.45 into the track, they vocals come in and they go into a different direction.  Great guitar solo section on this one.  Masquerade kicks back with a hard riff before the track drops down for the vocal section. At 3mins the band kick into full on rock out mode with some intense drums and lead guitar.  Nice bass lines as well. Gilded Tears is a really great moody track. Long Way Down starts slow and spacey as they slow build up the track.  Noisy, effected guitar and then about 1min in they kick into a great groove with a bluesy guitar line. Violet Sun keep the energy flowing and the groove stoned. A bit hendrixy… Hell to Pay slows things down again and in a heavy blues mode.  They really rip it up starting about 4mins but only for 20m seconds or so.  Ivory Towers closes out the record with another heavy spacey blues number. 

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