Friday, December 11, 2020

Boveda del Sol- EP 2020

Bodeda del Sol is a one man Spanish project by Jordi Vasquero Pujagut from Barcelona. We met some years ago at the Reverence Festival.  Here is the story behind this digital only EP, which follows up his more doomy album from 2016.  "In autumn 2019 I started writing the second Boveda del Sol album, writing new songs and finding my own evolutionary path. A few months later, the pandemic started and our day to day was disrupted. My initial plan was to finish recording and mixing the new album, then gathering some great musicians to hit the stages, as the approach for this new album is quite different from the first one, this new music is less ambient/drone focused and has way more drums, vocals and steps away from the classical doom sound, to evolve through my own experimentation. But with the pandemic, venues closed, culture choking in chances to fulfill my original plans were almost impossible. So I put the album on hold, although it is fully written, and 90% of it is recorded. But it has been 4 years since my first album, and I wanted to release new music, so I followed the path the new music is leading me to, and started writing an EP, with the idea to do two songs, one song that is a gate to what's to come, a sample of the new path this project has taken, and a mellow instrumental song. And so I started working on it and in a few weeks I had both songs finished. As the pandemic isn't letting us fulfill our plans as we intended, I won't let a pandemic fully stop me, so here's this new EP"

Traveler between Worlds is an 8min track with some samples and some heavy drumming (double kick drum) and nice fast guitar runs over the droning synth and deep bass.  Very moody. The vocals, also in the sort of death metal style come in very briefly as the track comes down to a very spacey part halfway through with some nice use of feedback before the main riff and drums kick back in.  

G Elevator Music starts with some spacey synths and other sounds. Slowly deeper frequencies enter into the picture.  Slowly the guitar, bass and drums kick in as a sort of E-bow like guitar provides the main melodies for the track.   The end part is really spaced out…   I enjoyed this quite a lot and look forward to the next full length and hope Jordi can get together a band to perform this live. 

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