Friday, December 11, 2020

Sonic Trip Project. Everlasting Kozmik Peace (Self Released)

I have to say, I am beginning to believe that STP is the premiere space rock band in England.  So glad that this concert was captured in high quality and the band decided to release it on bandcamp and perhaps on a CD as well in the future. Vince Cory is a highly underrated guitar player. The guy just plays magical spacey guitar with such great feel. I love him… The opening jam was great. Next up is Neon and Elevator Seven both tracks from various releases but always different. Nice to hear the addition of the djembe on here.  One Blue dot is slow and spacey and I guess a new number. Dreamy and nice melodic guitar lines.  Psi Aum Ra starts with some weird synths before the bass and guitar kicks in and we are back to space rocking!  Starz/Can Opener (old song) end this show with a 17min uptempo track. Very cool band who had a great chemistry..   I was hoping to add some video from the show but seems no one uploaded any to youtube yet! Enjoy..

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