Monday, August 31, 2020

Sundial- Mind Control Deluxe Edition (Sulatron 2020)

Sundial released this album about 8 years ago on another label.  This is what you can call a deluxe version that includes an entire new album of material, some of which is archive and some are from the same era as Mind Control. The double CD version includes 2 tracks not on the 2LP version.  There are also two bonus tracks on the regular LP as well. It is quite a cool package and if you liked this album before, you will really like it now.  On this record they returned to work with the producer (Hugo) that they worked with on their Debut album, Other Way Out.  While I did not hear so much of that sound on the original album, some of the bonus tracks for sure sound more like that era, which was nearly 30 years ago now. Wow.. Love Sundial.. Still a creative force today!! Limited to 500 copies. The band and full track list is below. 

Gary Ramon (guitars, vocals, mellotron, mini-moog, arp, hammond organ, drums)

Scorpio (bass guitar, 6-string bass guitar, moog taurus 3 bass pedals)

Conrad Farmer (drums)

Joolie Wood (violin, melodica, flute, bass recorder)

Cleo Ramon (moog source)

Tracklist- Original Mind Control album (Disc 1): 

Mountain Of Fire & Miracles 09:21

Radiation 07:38

Burned In 01:44

Mind Control 08:53

Last Rays Of The Sun 03:53

In Every Dreamhome A Heartache 06:29

Bonustracks compared to first vinyl version:

Seven Pointed Star (short version) 02:51

World Within You 04:29

Tracklist- Flashbacks from the Aether (Disc 2): 

Lost and Found 04:07

I Can Tell 06:33

Liquid Grey 04:00

Seven Pointed Star (full version) 03:06

Fire From Heaven 02:42

Mask Of Dawn (part one) 05:41

Siren Song 03:18

1018a 04:03

Radiation (early mix) 07:39

Mask Of Dawn (part two) 06:33

CD-Bonus Tracks:

Burned In (alternative take) 05:00

Spiral 03:32

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