Monday, August 31, 2020

Head in the Clouds (Frutis de Mer Records- Strange Fish 18 )

This is quite the massive compilation featuring a lot of folks that have not been released on Fruits before as well as some of your usual faves.  IT is being released as a double LP or double CD (with extra track).  It was going to be too expensive to put out a 5LP box set, sorry folks. This is all original material except the Maat Lander track (one of my faves on here) and a nod to the old Berlin school or electronic music. Most but not all tracks are exclusive to this release. Jah Budddha, Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen, Trace Imprint, Saturn’sAmbush, Jack Ellister, Anton Barbeau, Exedra, MAC of BIOnighT, Under Golden Canopy, Son of Ohm, Brenden Pollard, Jay Tausing, The Lost Stoned Pandas, Vibravoid, Sula Bassana, Helicon Wave, Blue Lilly Commission, and Black Tempest.. A lot of groups.. Many hours of synth space outs for long trips on winter nights…. It should be noted that there is no music shared between the LP and CD so to get the full 5hrs you need to buy both!!!  See below for details and also the web site link.  Not sure what tracks were my fave but I really liked the Maat Lander and Vibravoid contributions. 

LP1 side 1 

1 Jah Buddha - Direction Berlin (12:53) 

2 Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen - Aquatic (7:44)

LP1 side 2

1 Trace Imprint - Flow and Connect 

2 Maat Lander - Ocean Of Tenderness (originally by Ashra) 

3 Saturn's Ambush - Van Allen Belt 

LP2 side 1

1 Jack Ellister - Der Schiffer (2:33)

2 Anton Barbeau - 'Berlin School Of Doubt' (6:38)

3 exedra - Exoplanet Transit (5:58)

4 MAC of BIOnighT - Scars (6:45) 

LP2 side 2

1 Under Golden Canopy - Under Golden Canopy (10.33) 

2 Son of Ohm - Pixies (11:49) 


1 Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen - Weathering The Storm 

2 Brendan Pollard - Sequenzerzeit (10:02)

3 Jay Tausig - Triangulum (20.42) 

4 Mac of BIOnighT - Manmade Horrors (6.55)

5 The Lost Stoned Pandas - Track One (Metal Mickey mix) (4:42)

6 Jah Buddha - Wall Of Blissando (11:25)

7 Vibravoid - Im Zentrum Des Kosmos Ist Ein Auge Das Alles Sieht (10:35)


1 Trace Imprint - ...As We Walked Under Water (4:17) 

2 Sula Bassana - Shushie's Reise (21.29) 

3 Craig Padilla - Galaxia (10:42) 

4 Helicon Wave - For Edgar (8:35) 

5 Blue Lily Commission - Half Asleep At The Blue Gates Of Evening (19:14)

6 Black Tempest - The Sun Rises, The Sun Sets, The Moon Shines (8:18)

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