Monday, August 31, 2020

Son of a Witch- Commanded by Cosmic Forces (Kozmik Artifactz/Death Time Records)

This was released in Brazil in 2019 and only this year by Kozmik Artifactz in Germany on vinyl with a CD as well.  I quite liked some of their first album from 2016 so it was interesting to hear the new one. It features 6 tracks in about 50minutes.  After an intro, the Black Clouds of Lie kicks in with some heavy doom straight off.  Some really powerful vocals by King Lizzard.  The track really kicks off at about 3.5 minutes and after another heavy section the band space out with some cool guitar and bass-drums and then they hit the high tempo stoner rock groove. Killer track. Breathe Dust slows things down a lot. Some long delays on the vocals, which I like as it makes it more psychedelic.  The track changes a lot and becomes more melodic as it heads to the end but not before returning to some epic doom. Idol of Marble starts slowly with the bass leading the way and you keep expecting them to kick into some super heavy doom but they sort of stay in this interesting bluesy slow glide.  Dry Leaves brings the heavy back on this quite emotional track. Melting Ocean closes out this diverse doom rock record.  Great effort guys. Obrigado…..

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