Monday, April 27, 2020

SKIFTING- Syggemarker LP (Self Released 2020)

Skifting is a Danish psychedelic rock band. I really liked their last album and they are back with a new one, their 3rd album since 2014. Kasper (Troldmand) who briefly played with this band helps out with some production and added instruments on a few tracks. All the songs are sung in Danish. This one features 6 tracks and starts off with Onde Hånd (Evil Hand), is a slow stoney track with nice fuzz guitar.  A bit garage rocky with a passionate vocal.  Det du Er (Who you are) features some acoustic guitar as well as the fuzz psych element and a more laid back vocal.  Reminds me of late 60s Danish rock music. Min Engel (My Angel) is a more uptempo rock track with a spaced out guitar sound. This is my fave track on this side. Great energy and feel on this one.   Side B starts with Vi Signer Talenter is a bit heavier, fuzzier and more psychedelic.  Se det går Hun slows things down but not the amount of distorted guitar!!! Great solo on this one. The title track features some synths at the beginning, a vocal with some nice delays for a spacey vibe. It gets much heavier in the mid section of the song. Kasper adds some more spacey sounds as well.  Great long track, perhaps my fave on the record.

Limited edition vinyl and for 30kr extra you can get some stickers and a cool poster of the amazing artwork!  Another very solid album and different from the last one. If you like bands like Spids Nøgenhat, Måneskjold, On Trial, you will dig this one.

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