Monday, April 27, 2020

Jonas Munk- Minimum Resistance (Azure Vista Records VISTA009)

Jonas, best known to many as the guitarist for Causa Sui, has a long history of making ambient and electronic music.  These 10 songs were recorded in 2018-19 time period and feature a mixture of guitar and synthesizer but guitar is the main focus. The music is very laid back and spacey.  Real floating stuff.  Most of the tracks are 4 mins about with one short one (Water from Rain). Eastern Horizon is only synths (it sounds like) and a true space ambient track with synths that sound a bit like voices. The title track which ends this CD is the longest track at 6:28. The album is real new age music, you could say. All the tracks are in a quite similar style and allow you to totally drift away.  Would love to have a list of equipment/pedals used in the packaging, which is very minimalistic.  Enjoy. This is released on a limited vinyl in 300 copies and a CD (500, I think).

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