Monday, April 27, 2020

Kanaan- The Odense Sessions (El Paraiso Records EPR057)

Kanaan are an instrumental trio from Oslo, Norway.  Their debut album, Windborne, also out on the Odense, Denmark based El Paraiso Records, was released in 2018.  This record was recorded at the El Paraiso studio in 2019 and includes tracks recorded live with a few synthesizer overdubs. Jonas Munk (Causa Sui) plays guitar, keyboard, mixed and mastered the record.  Side A starts off with the nearly 12 min track called Seemingly Changeless Stars.  The jam starts slowly and I believe Jonas is playing guitar on these jams besides the synth overdubs.  A slow build based on a repeated guitar motif.  Slowly one guitar moves out to solo. Drums and bass keep it moving as it gets spacey but also still edgy. Cool jam.  Of Raging Billows breaking on the Ground we have a more 70s style rock track to start off. IT slowly comes down to a very basic sound of bass, drums and more noodly guitar that eventually breaks out into some cool solos. Side B starts with Vacant Spaces. Starts slow with bass, drums and a melodic guitar line. IT stays pretty laid back. I had hope it would rock more. The final jam is 14 mins and starts slowly with two guitar lines. There are a few synths here and there as well. This one starts to build after 2 mins and they really get going into a rocking jam on this one. Love the bass playing as this jam goes out into a more psychedelic area than any of the others.  IT ends in a dreamy mellow way. Nice.. I was not really that into these jams the first time I heard it but if you listen loud, this album really grows on you and I totally dig it now!!!

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