Thursday, April 23, 2020

Roadburn 2020

Sadly, Roadburn was rescheduled this year due to the damn Covid 19 virus epidemic that is raging through the world and causing untold damage. Anyway, the Roadburn Community has come together in such a cool and interesting way.  A virtual festival group was posted on Facebook, where people wrote as if they were at the festival and Walter threw in small comments about fake events with band members, band managers, etc.. all in good fun and I am sure based on experiences he has had in the past.  They also created Spotify playlists with all the bands that were playing each day.

Below is what I had planned to see this year and will perhaps see next year if they can reschedule all of these bands! 


15:30            Vile Creature/Bismuth (DOOM)        Main Stage
16:40            Dead Neanderthals (Drone Jazz)        Hall of Fame
17:30            Lingua Ignota (insanity)                                   Main Stage
18:10            Torche                                                          The Terminal (Koepelhal)

Dinner and beers with friends!

21:10            Julie Christmas                                        Main Stage
2315             Russian Circles                                         Main Stage
01.10            Tau and the Drones of Praise              Main Stage

A lot of stuff that I am not into at all going on this day- female pop synth, death metal, black metal, industrial death


14:30            Johan Parzen- Johnson (Sax-electronics)    Hall of Fame
16:30            Lingua Ignota/Alexsis Marshall (Covers)  The Terminal
17:20            Warhorse (DOOM)                                               Main Stage

(I was really looking forward to this one!)


19:30            Kodian Trio (Free Jazz)                                      Hall of Fame
21:30            Alber Jupiter (Space Rock Duo)                      Hall of Fame
22:20            Fooakzoind & Atom TM                                     The Terminal
23:10            Inter Arma (metal)                                            Main Stage
23:40            LSD and the Search for GOD                            The Engine Room
01:00            Blanck Mass (Insane music)                           Main Hall


15:30            Jo Quail (cello and voice)                                   Main Stage
17:20            Dungen                                                                    Main Stage


18:50            Dommengang (LA R&R)                                                Hall of Fame
21:15            Red Sparrows                                                        Main Hall
21:40            Red Kite                                                       Green Room
22:20            Acid Rooster                                              Hall of Fame
23:20            Oranssi Pazuzu                                         Main Stage

They were going to debut their new album.  Lucky for us on this day they put it up so you could stream it. I heard the entire thing, Wow… I am not into the vocals much but the music was awesome and so powerful and probably the most psychedelic they have made.


14:15 Lankum (Irish folk)                                The Terminal
15:50            The Devil’s Trade (solo guitar)           Hall of Fame
17:50            Hillary Woods                                           Green Room
19:00            Earth                                                             Main hall
21:10            Dungen                                                        Main Hall
22:00            Mr Peter Hayden                                      Terminal
23:00 Kungens Män                                            Green Room

 They arranged that some of the people that were to play at the festival would do special live sets or interviews on Facebook or Instragram live or You Tube.  This included The Devil’s Trade, Dr Space, Conny Ochs, Emma Rude Rundle, JO Quail, Full of Hell, Darsombra, Dool, and Tau and the drones of Praise. I watched some of Conny Ochs, Devil’s Trade, Walter and Becky talk,  and Full of Hell.

I was lucky that Walter invited me to participate and record a special live set from my home studio just for Roadburn. It was a premiere on you tube so it was counting down til Friday 16 UK time and then I went live. Wow.. what a great experience. 306 people viewed it and by the next day over 700! I was so honoured.  Thanks Walter!

They put out a virtual Weirdo Canyon news letter each day.. Wow….   This is so incredible to be part of even virtually.  I had a lot of fun on these days reading funny posts, seeing crazy pictures and people just trying to make the best of things. 

For many of us Roadburn (I have been going every years since 2005) is much much more than just a festival.  This is a meeting of people from all around the world who are true music fans, not afraid to experience something strange, challenging, noisy, crazy. There are also people who mainly come for the social interaction and hangout with friends, band members and just anyone who wants to share a beer with them on the Weirdo Canyon bars. They see a few bands but mostly just hang with folks and have a great time.   I never seem to find enough time to hang out with people as there is always such an amazing music program and I can’t drink that many beers!!!

Roadburn has something for everyone, even if you can’t handle hours and hours of high decibel music, there are interviews, forums, record release listening parties, movies,  and more. It is so diverse and interesting.  There is no festival like it anywhere in the world.  This makes us all miss it even more so we had to experience it through the internet this year.  We will be back in 2021 and people will be extra hungry for an amazing experience after being denied the “real” Roadburn this year. I will see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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