Thursday, January 31, 2019

Son Cesano- Submerge (Mono Buster Records)

Son Cesano is an instrumental 4 piece band (2 guitars, bass, drums) from Switzerland. This album was recorded live at Foolpark, Lucerne, Switzerland. It is not a live album (no audience) but all the instruments were tracked live. The album features 6 long songs and starts off with the title track, Submerge. The song starts quietly with just some subtle bass and easy going guitar lines. The drums kick in about 1min and the track slowly grows. The track slowly get more and more intense. At 2.5 mins or so the main guitar melody line kicks in with the wah guitar and this takes us through to the next section. An almost reggae like rhythm kicks in for a min and then a short guitar solo, some more groove and then the track nearly stops but they go for one last section which includes the main melodic guitar line that they started off with. This track clocks in at just over 10mins. Cold Seep has a really happy feel to it as it starts off with a really bouncy riff and groove. I really love the laid back slow lead guitar line on this track at the beginning as it starts to build up in intensity with the drums and bass slowly increasing the pace.  Very Colour Haze like in feel (not sound). At 3:42, the track takes a different path and off we go. Aberration starts with some nice drumming and stick work and a slow wah guitar in one channel and a more rock riff on the other guitar. The drums and bass kick the groove up a notch and a min later the main melodic refrain kicks in and you are happy once again. Around 4mins it gets a bit heavier (the riff). At around 7mins there is a brief drop in intensity and then the band kicks in with a pretty hypnotic repeated section. The end of this over 14min track is pretty relaxed and totally different from where they started. Martini Effect is shorter and more direct track with a repeated motif. 36070 is one of the harder rocking tracks on the album and goes through some many repetitive sections with not many solos until the end when we get one of the longest ones on the record. Great track. Dust Age closes this hour long instrumental journey from Switzerland.  This track has a totally different vibe from the heavy last one. An almost indie rock guitar line but a bit bluesy and then it goes very mellow and laid back and almost a bit spacey, in a post rock way before the riff begins to grow again a bit before 6 mins.

This is an album you need to hear a few times to really get hooked. Fans of Astrodome, Motor Psycho, and Colour Haze, should check these guys out if you are fans of instrumental stoner rock.

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