Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mad Farmers Liberation Front – Manifesto (Self Released)

MFLF area local (to me) trio playing an eclectic mix of world music, folk, etc.. This is the bands debut CD and it is quite different than the live experience. They are a 3 piece band lead by guitar, violin-vocalist, Kin Thiessen. Peter on keyboards ( he played with a number of bands in Holland in the 70s and 80s, including Nina Hagen and the jazz rock band, Crypto) One of the keyboards he plays the bass lines. Rob Gough plays the drums. All the members sing and contribute to the music and lyrics. The lyrics are all very positive and sometimes political.  The CD features 9 tracks and one 16 min Full Moon Jam track, which is more like their live experience.  The album starts off with Manifesto, a long 9 min track. This is a laid back folky track with piano, violin, drums and vocals.  The lyrics lay out a sort of Manifesto of observations of life and how to live life. Something we should know is a sort of sing along and features a nice electric guitar solo. It is sort of roots music but a pop edge some how?? Lover Earth is more laid back with some nice organ and keyboard work. Later there is a horn solo as well or is it the keyboard as no one is credited?? Mister President is a musical letter to the US President. To be Kind is a bit funky with some nice lyrics and a great synth solo. We have the Choice, is a violin driven song (at the start and later guitar driven) about the choices you should/have to make in life, for your children. I wanna Feel is a more fast paced song with a really steady drum and bass line and a bit more rocking, especially at the end. Nothing to Prove is a reggae track with a nice piano solo in the middle break. Where do we go from Here is a beautiful piano violin ballad. The Full moon Jam is my favourite track on the album and ends it in a good way…

The album is pretty poppy and mainstream in someway and I love the lyrics and positive message but it is not music I like to hear at home but will gladly go see them live as they are an excellent live band. The band is trying to raise money to release this on vinyl as well. I hope they will include the lyrics in the vinyl addition as they are sadly missed in the CD version.

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