Thursday, January 31, 2019

L. Don Ökami- Judgement Day at Pyynikki (Hulina Records 019)

This is a great and interesting compilation of material by Donald Lupo and is musical associates under such names as The Midnight moonlighters (Track 2) and The Fractal Cauliflowers (Tracks 6&7). 8 different musicians play on the various different tracks. The CD starts off with Road Dust and is pretty much a bluegrass inspired track with accompanying drums, banjo (2, I think!), and lead guitar. Quite funny lyrics. This track made my wife and I smile. Alternative Blue (written by John Doyle) is a dual banjo work out and very inspired by Gælic music and sung in a style of Irish folk music. Crystalline Light (hear below) is a slower track with some synth drone and cello as well but the main instrument line is Donald’s instrument to start and then the track has a long very nice instrumental section. The vocals return around 7 mins. Great song. Wife of Usher’s Well features the instrument jouhikko (was also on the previous track) and played by Pekko. Riding is something totally different with a choir of voices and a more quickly strummed banjo/guitar. It was written by Roy Montgomery. Veins of Coal (by Richie Sterns). This mainly features banjo and a quite potent cello line by Katri. Emotional. Unikeko is dark original track that keeps you a bit on edge.  Riviére do-loop closes this nearly hour long CD and features Donald on the guitar and later some deep synth sounds can be detected in the mix, just to unsettle you a bit. There is a secret track but I won’t spoil it for you. I enjoyed it very much. A great and eclectic album. 

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