Friday, March 8, 2019

The 16th Dream of Dr Sardonicus Live (winkle 36)

Fruits de Mer put on their own little festival in Wales each summer and this is a compilation of all the bands that played in 2018.  It contains 4 sides of vinyl with Sendelica getting a side of their own.  Side A starts off with a Maddy Prior track and an original by Elfin Bow with fantastic female voice with simple mandolin accompaniment. I had never heard of I am Voyager 1, which sounds like a guitar duo or one guy singing, playing guitar and making some loops. Interesting track.  Stay (all the way from Spain) lay down two more rockin’ tracks starting off with a cover of Old Man by Neil Young. This version is more keyboard lead than the original and a bit faster as well. Rock n Roll Woman another cover song (Crosby-Stills), is quite good and even features some fuzzed out guitar to compliment the organ.  Consterdine, another band I am not familiar with play a track called A Spell for Leonard. It starts with a nice bass line, strange synth-keyboard (sounds strange as it needs some delay) and drums as this jammy starts to take form. The strange keyboard line continues while the main keyboard takes over. Appears not to be any guitar in this band. Strange track. Fellowship of Hallucinatory Voyagers lay down a track called Moonlit Moorings. This is a beautiful track with bird song, flutes, nice bass lines, and vibe. The Alain Pire Experience ends side B with a Drifting South, the most rocking track of these first two sides and features some great guitar work. 

Side C is the best side and features two long tracks by Sendelica including Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. Great stuff. Side 4 starts with the Fertility Cult called Cosmic Kaishakunin, which fits perfect between Sendelica and Nik Turner. The version of Steppenwolf is quite different and parts might make you cringe but parts of it are also great and the Space Ritual track, Walking Backwards comes across as a great number.   A pretty cool double LP and all good quality mixes from the bands.

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