Friday, August 31, 2018

Fuzz Club Magazine Issue #1

Fuzz Club is an interesting UK record label that has released music from 24 different ones from 10 different countries. To celebrate 10 years of releasing records, they decided to put out a magazine. It is in a small A4 (bent in half) format with lots of full colour pictures (too many) and some interviews with bands from their label. These include: RF Shannon, Nickolas Wood, Routine Death, and The Oscillation. There is a special scene report on Sweden, a gear article, Class of 88- Prologue to the Shoegaze years, art update, article on the Fuzz Club sessions releases, reviews of recent Fuzz Club releases and a nice article on their Fuzz Club event that just took place in Eindhoven with all bands from their label. A cool zine but I had hoped for more content and less pictures.  I enjoyed reading it for sure as I like quite a few of the bands they have released.

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