Sunday, October 22, 2017

Void Generator- Prodromi Phonospera Records2017-ps12)

Void Generator is a pretty cool Italian band. I think I have reviewed everyone of their releases. This is a new 4 track release recorded live in the rehearsal room (pieces selected from several different years). Sound quality is quite good but the vocals are a bit low and the drums a bit loud at times but overall you hear everything well.  The CD starts off with 40 Kiloparsecs. The drummer has a lot of energy on this track while the guitar players are not quite sure where to go, it builds up an interesting tension before getting it feet around 4mins and taking off. They vocal kicks in around 5mins and is very hard to hear.  The jam fades out around 7 mins. Sleeping Waves has a much heavier guitar riff that is repeated over and over and some spacey synth layers in and brings a calm to the music as a new melodic guitar thread kicks in while the other guitar freaks out a bit and the track gets pretty spaced out. It gets back in control around 8 mins and really builds and the first guitar solo kicks in, while the deep bass vibrates the floor. 13mins jam. I am the Brave starts slowly with a pretty heavy guitar and then the 2nd one kicks in, later you can hear the synths a bit better as it becomes a bit psychedelic as it builds in intensity. It comes down around 7 mins and the synth dominates. I like this section. You can hear the guys taking a little in the background. I wonder what they are saying? You have to know Italian. It says pretty laid back until the end.  The last track, Calvary is 15mins long and you hear this one from the beginning when the band is just starting the jam. It is not faded in like the other pieces. A nice melodic guitar line sets the scene for the others to follow. This track is more intense and there are some short guitar solos and strange sounds here and there. It is a bit all over the place at times. The CD provides a nice glimpse into how the band probably creates their tracks. Enjoy...

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