Sunday, October 22, 2017

Korai Tracemission 2017 (Budapest Vinyl BPVLP001)

Wow… this was a huge surprise for me. Korai Öröm last put out an album in 2013.  This is the first vinyl on a new Budapest label, Budapest Vinyl.  The album features 6 tracks, three per side. Shamisem is a sort of reggae inspired (at the start) track and quite dance mainstream sounding with a bit of that ethnic vibe the band had in the past. Stream- Division has more drive and energy and some strange spacey sounds in the background while a quite melodic guitar thread is played. IT builds up almost into a trance techno groove later with some added flutes and other space sounds. Cool track. Alhambra maintains a mid pace with a cool funky groove with a techno like keyboard complimented with one straight out of the Ozrics. Nice Hungarian guitar line though.  Side B starts with Sunrise, featuring an almost Spanish like guitar and an infectious groove, and layers of spaced out sounds. Cool stuff. Very cool guitar on this track. Flash keeps the pace high with a repeated guitar line (would sound cooler with some delay, sound is very dry) and some trance like synths at times. Great synths on this track. Rain is the last track and slows things down but the drum rhythm is still very directed while they layer on some acoustic guitar. Later the synths start to enter in the picture.

Fans of Ozrics will for sure dig this new Korai instrumental adventure… I sure did.  The rhythms are more simple now than in the past but some of the old Korai vibe still lives.

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