Saturday, January 30, 2016

BluesClub- Eel Pie Club, Twickenham, UK 1/28/16

This was the first concert of the year for Sue and me. I had always wanted to go to a show at the Eel Pie club, a quite famous rhythm and blues place from the 60s in Twickenham, UK. They only do shows at this place every other Thursday. We arrived about 25mins before they start the show at 21 and got a beer. No real English beers at all on tap or in the fridge, a shame.

The Blues Club is made up of a lot of local guys including the drummer and keyboard player from Dire Straits (Guy Fletcher and Danny Cummings), William Topley (The Blessing) on vocals, Robbie McIntosh (Pretenders, Paul McCartney) on guitar, Peter Hope-Evans (Pete Townshend) on harmonicas and jews harp.  Alan Rogan played the bass.

The place was about 60% full and pretty packed around the upper floor of the bar. There were some young kids that were totally into it but overall it was an over 60 crowd!! The band played two sets of about an hour each, mixing blues classics with a few originals. The first set was mostly all short tracks 3-4mins long and not a lot of smiling and joking around but the 2nd set opened up with a Canned Heat track and that got the place really going and they had a lot more fun with this set and did a lot more solos on all the instruments. Guy also played a lot of lap steel and fewer keyboards. Peter was very dominant on the harmonica though, sometimes too much. Just one song with out massive harmonica for every moment would have been nice.  Great version of the classic song called 44..  It was a fun night and a few local stars showed up like Pete French (Leafhound) and Mick Avery (The Kinks) as well. Fun night… All pictures by Jennifer Noble. Thanks.

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