Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The 2120’s- Three Makes One (Nasoni Records 144)

I have never heard of this band before and I am still on the wall about this new three piece Swedish band, which features Christian Smedström from The Awesome Machine. The opening track is a sort of bluesy rock and roll number with some nice slide guitar parts and a pretty catchy chorus trying to get you to Dance! Same Old Story is a down and dirty foot stompin’ blues song as well. The Wolf is a short no-nonsense track in the same vein as the first. No real guitar solos or jams in either of these tracks. Them Southern Women (Malmö?) has a really cool groove and guitar riff. Smile at Trouble is a bit heavier and has some more interesting guitar and I like the effect added on the voice and some piano by Anders. Troubled Soul ends side A and has a more laid back feel and Fender Rhodes piano to give it a bit of a spacey feel. Cool track and by far the longest and most interesting on the side.

Side B has quite a few different musicians playing on the record and a bit more variety. Send my your Pillow is a blues shuffle of sorts with piano again and some slide guitar and double tracked guitar (since Christian sings and plays all the guitar). Evil Ways is a slower track again with some slide guitar and quite a different sound production as they have now switched studio. The sound is a bit more raw, which I think is a good thing for this kind of music. Pin your Soul starts slowly and then builds up and the piano and organ kick in later as it takes off. Chasin’ the Tail features Ms Johanna on backing vocals and again joel joins in with some piano to compliment Krister on bass and Krstoffer on drums. Tobbe plays drums on most of the tracks on side A. God says Nothing closes out this record and this is a slow mellow spacey track with a couple of loud outbursts and not like anything else on the record, which is good as a few too many of the songs are quite close in style..  After repeated listenings, I have really enjoyed the record and you probably will to, if you like blues…

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  1. Hi there!
    Did'nt find any other way to contact you!
    Here's some great news!

    Christian & the 2120's are releasing a new and limited 7" single, -Have Mercy- on october 24th in Berlin, Germany!
    It's recorded in Berlin so we thought it would be appropriate to also have a releaseparty there at Rock Steady Records.

    Christian & the band have been recorded the new album in Gothenburg-Sweden, Berlin-Germany, Los Angeles-Usa & Atlanta-Usa.
    Under supervision by american producer James Salter (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Raveonettes among others)
    The upcoming album is called "Moments" and will be released early spring 2016 on a exclusive and limited double viny containing the "Berlin Sessions" on two sides and the "Los Angeles Sessions" on two sides"
    "Moments" was engineered by Doug Messenger (Van Morrison) and also include legendary John Thomas (Captain Beefheart's Magic Band) on upright piano & organ, a true dream come true as Christian put it himself!

    Check this taster for what's to come pretty pretty soon!

    For more info & updates, please feel free to contact:
    +46 (0)763 238976

    Åsa Strand
    Danitka Music & Art

    Upcoming shows:
    30/09 @ Pustervik, Gothenburg-SWE (supporting Great Lake Swimmers)
    23/10 @ Cartys, Gaildorf- DE
    24/10 @ Rock Steady Records, Berlin-DE (actual releaseparty for the 7" single)