Thursday, September 14, 2023

Astral Magic- Sacred Mysteries (Astral Magic Music ASTRAL032)

Release number 32 by Astral Magic and the 8th this year, I think!  These 9 tracks were recorded between 2021 and 2023 and feature guitarist Anton Barbeau on tracks 3 and 6 and Taavi Heikkilä on saxophone on track 8 but the rest of this album is all Santtu! It opens up with Göbekli Tepe.  An instrumental synth driven piece with drums and bass. It has these layered synths that sound really cool at times. Puma Punka has a nice groove and simple guitar line but I really like the vocal delivery. The trademark layers of synths bubbling, spinning and spacing in the background are still there.  Nice track. Mystics from Outer Space is more guitar driven with a nice use of the synth to compliment the guitar riff and vocal chorus. The Other World is an instrumental all synth (or nearly) space out… Blow your Mind has this sort of 60s vibe and a lot of organ. Watchers (with Anton) is a happy song with what sounds like a female vocal accompaniment on the chorus. Transmission Omicron is a multilayered synth jam with lots of arpeggios. Phases is a more uptempo with a nice bass line and some saxophone! I dig the guitar line as well, this western feel of sorts. Close Encounter ends this CD in a more mellow and laid back vibe. 

If you stripped away all the keyboards, some of this album would remind me of the Bevis Frond!! Santtu has really tried out some new ideas here with success: more rock guitar riffs, multi layered backing vocals, etc.. A bit different than the last few albums for sure.  Check it out… the next album will be here soon….

Nice artwork by my friend Eetu as well.   Only 100 on CD.. 

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