Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Antarma and Sam Garrett- Cara Creek Eco Lodge, Fias da Beira, Portugal May 14th, 2023

This is not normally something I would attend but these guys had booked a few days in my studio on Monday and Tuesday so since they were playing 30mins away on Sunday, I thought I would check it out.  Cara Creek is an amazing place in a hidden valley of forest about 20mins from Oliveira do Hospital.  I was a bit late as I had a hard time to find the place but I caught at least half of Antarma´s set and all of Sam´s main set and part of the Bob Marley medley and jam and chant at the end with both of them..

Antarma is from the UK and his concert was in 2 parts where he played acoustic guitar and sings and the 2nd part was him on djembe and singing and chanting and with a lot of audience participation. He is really into the Indian spiritualism and that is what most of the songs were about, peace, love, emotional well being, and different gods like Shiva, Krishna, etc..  He was a very good performer and played some really complex guitar parts.  

Sam Garrett lives in the southern part of Portugal and mixes Rastafarian and Eastern spiritualism into his songs. The guitar parts are much more simple than Antarma and a lot of reggae inspiration as far as lyrics and music goes. He has a fantastic voice.  This set was a bit too religious for me but he had some great songs and what a voice.  This was more relaxed after the intense singing and dancing that ended the Antarma show.   They both performed at the end for a while. 

There was a crowd of close to 100 people, I guess and 70% women!!! A huge mix of hippies, kids, older English or European people, etc…  It was a lovely day as well with the sun shinning right down into the stage at sunset.  

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