Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Speck/Interkosmos Split LP (Sulatron)

SPECK are a newish acid rock trio from Austria. Very inspired by Electric Moon!  Interkosmos is band that had sort of come back from the dead and features label owner, Dave Schmidt (Sula Bassana) on drums with mates from Austria and Spain. They released an album 10 years ago or so… Anyway, each band performs one long song. SPECK starts things off with a bass and drum intro, following some delay guitar that just builds and builds…. off we go.. It spaces out and space around and back and forth, builds and falls and flutters of intense guitar over the 23mins..  Recorded in one take in April 2019.

Interkosmos is a bit more cosmic, especially the beginning. Some nice bass playing as the track slowly builds up. Some nice guitar playing as well. The band are not really breaking any new ground with their jam or sound but it has a good spacey flow and nice melodic parts.  Very enjoyable music. Spacey…. This track was recorded in 2008 with some minor additions from Sula in 2021. The band is:  Sergio Ceballos (from Mohama Saz, Melange, ex RIP KC): Guitar. Pablo Carneval/Bernhard Fasching (Zone Six, Electric Moon): Drums. Sula Bassana/Dave Schmidt (Zone Six, Die Raumpatrouille, ex Electric Moon etc.): Bass, Synth.




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