Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Buddha Senteza- High Tech Low Life (Self Released)

Wow.. this was a huge surprise. I always liked this band who have created stoner rock but in their own universe and this album keeps that vibe and just rocks.. After a German spoken word sample, the band kick in with the opening uptempo rocker, Oars.  The track takes a dramatic shift into a world of magic at 2.5 minutes with some nice violin and very spacey. It slowly builds up into a really cool track. Anabranch kicks the stoner vibe up another notch while there is some great harmony parts with the different instruments while the drive keeps it heavy.  A 2.5 mins there is a nice mellotron and acoustic guitar part before the guitar solo section and the end. Ricochet starts with some beautiful guitar-keyboard parts before the heavy guitar riff kicks in but it is not for riffing but mood, and then a great keyboard sequence changes the mood. A nice melodic track and it really kicks up the pace later but keeps all the melodic parts intact on this hard driving start. The beat changes at 2.5 mins and becomes a bit like Neu (drum and bass) but the keys and guitars are melodic. Afterglow is more keyboard oriented and has some spoken words at the beginning. It makes a dramatic change at 3mins and has a great synth solo to start this next section. Love all the changes in this track including the sort of world music vibe of the end. The last track Shapeshifters has some intense drumming and cool hammond organ to start things off. Reminds me a bit of Sacri Monti this track and is maybe my fave on the album.  Great CD. You can hear the whole thing streaming on you tube below..

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