Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Astral Magic- Deep Space Expedition (Astral Magic 2023)

This is quite a lot different from all the other AM releases as it focuses on analogue synths and is more instrumental. It features 11 tracks in about 40mins and Santtu plays all the instruments and does some spoken word as well.  It starts off with Alien Ritual, and a cool Moog sequencer line, overwhich other keys are laid and spacey sounds.. This sets the mood…Galactic Hustlers has a drum rhythm that gives it some drive as you take a ride thru the cosmos with Santtu! Centipedes of Mars has another wild synth sequence with some strong delays. Some voice like synth sounds are overlaid as the track grows. Heavenly States has a very fast synth sequence and some relaxed spoken words from the man himself!  Lots of spacey stuff going on…  Transcendental Guild (should you join?) sees the return of a simple kick drum under the layers of space sounds and keys… Triple Freak Out is one of the stranger ones for sure….. Hard to describe.. Stargate 20221230 is very floating and mysterious with some nice synth playing. In Limbo has some high pitched like vocoded alien voices that make this one pretty cool and trippy…. Stellar Boogie sees the return of a simple drum machine beat and slows things down. Not really much boogie happening but for sure some acid dreams.. Space Wind has some nice windy synths and deeper MOOG like stuff here and there. I really like this track… The CD ends with Mourning for another Universe. 

Santtu really should start a subscription on bandcamp, where people can pay 10€ a month and get all the releases.  If they play 12 or so, they can get the physical ones as well… except vinyl of course… 

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