Monday, December 19, 2022

Astral Magic- We are Stardust (Astral Magic Music)

The official release date for this limited edition CD is Jan 6th.. Pressed in only 100 copies. It is the 28th release on bandcamp in less than 3 years. Not bad.. It features Jonathan Segel on all tracks and Sailo on guitar on track 3 and the rest is by Santtu. It features 11 tracks and starts with the title track.  IT is a quite melodic and beautiful track with motorik drive to it and nice guitar parts and trippy lead synth work… Pop spacerock!!! The Simulacra is quite danceable at times and has nice chant parts. Very Calvert 80s inspired.. I feel… Actually the whole album…  Drop It starts with some spacey layered synths and leads with a basic beat. The vocals come in and are quite relaxed, as the synths are pretty trippy at times. There is a guitar solo by Sailo eventually.. A more relaxed vibe on this track. Virtual Fixture increases the pace and rocks out a bit more, with the loads of synth lines and sounds. Great guitar solo on this one. Bottled up Inside is a slower moody piece that starts off with a melodic guitar solo and then the keys enter into the piece. Long guitar solo and nice mix on this track. Ghost in DNA is an instrumental (only one on the CD) and quite relaxed in many ways again with the great guitar playing of Jonathan the main feature. Out in the Wild is a funny little track with an almost country like guitar lick at times. They Walk amongst Us starts with some slide guitar and layers of spacey synths as we go back to more alien music and vibe in this slow track. Out in the Cold is a beautiful track and Santtu´s vocals are very clear on this one. Lost Planets kicks the pass up and keeps the more melodic and mainstream like feel going. The bass lines on this track cut thru nicely and give it a nice added touch to compliment the guitar lines and spacey synths..  One of the best tracks on the CD. Violet Sky is quite moody and the guitar and synths meld nicely together. A lot of lyrics on this track. It is also the last..  A bit more poppy and more singing and focus on songs but probably the best guitar on any of the Astral Magic CDs.. Enjoy… only 100 copies…

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