Thursday, March 10, 2022

Organik- Morte Momento (Self Released)

Organik is a cool Danish band. I was proud that we could release their first record on Space Rock Productions… Sadly, the delays in making vinyls and the pandemic really fucked the label over and we have not had any money to release anything except what we had promised in 2021 and core acts… Anyway, the guys have really been adventurous on this record that features 7 tracks. 

Inside starts things off slowly and melodic but then just get super heavy, post rock like riffing but more heavy. Flatline starts with a heavy riff and has a lot of rhythm changes but it gets nice and spaced out with some synths in the middle of the track and a really spacey guitar.. Very cool.. Great dynamics.. Impersonate has a funky wah guitar and is interspersed with a brutal riff. A bit later it mellows out with some keyboards and spaciness. A longer guitar solo in the middle but a good mix of light and heavy..  The Eternal Boy and Paper Cut take the next 20mins. Eternal Boy features a female singer and piano but then we transition to like brutal death metal, which totally takes you by surprise!!! Powerful emotional stuff.. Paper Cut is something totally different and I really like that and the guitar sound is quite unique.. What a great contrasting song to the previous but it still is heavy as it gets going.. I love the end section the best though.. Unsettled starts with a nice melodic guitar and then a really jazzy funky vibe with piano some nice guitar playing. Calm takes us back to the heavy doomy stuff. 

It is a very interesting record that mixes a lot of styles from Psych rock to jazzy to Death metal like stuff. Great Danish band…  

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