Thursday, March 10, 2022

Lost Stoned Pandas- Dark side of the NooM

I really loved their debut double album.  This one took me a few listens to really get into it.  It is three tracks with the title track being a 19min one. Plus there is a 6mins edit dub version of the title track which strangely, starts the album off and is pretty psychedelic!  Gives you a taste for the full 19min version.  Interregnum is a pretty relaxed track with some nice bouncy bass and simple groove over which the synths, guitar, violin float and drift and transport you. Gradually, a more uptempo rhythm kicks in. A beautiful track. Luna Sunrise is more chilled and floating, almost new age like ambient stuff. Lush.. with layed back acoustic guitars, spacey synths, violin…   And finally, the 19min track. Starts with some bass and violin and slowly the others join in and off we go but it takes awhile. Just when you thought the track had died of ended, a new path takes over.  Quite a lovely track but you have to be patient..  Cool band..The vinyls are due to arrive around March 15th.. 

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