Thursday, March 10, 2022

Led Zeppelin- On Track- Every Album, Every Song by Steve Pilkington (SonicBond Publishing)

I was happy and surprised to receive this book in the mail for review but I was wondering what more can one write about Led Zeppelin??? I have read quite a number of the books and appreciate the genius that the band was… Anyway, I have to say that Steve has done an absolutely brilliant job of making this a very engaging book and discussing a lot of details about the songs and lyrics that I had not read (or remember reading) in other books.  Each chapter starts with a bit of history of what was going on with the band leading up to the album that is to be discussed. Then the artwork is discussed in a lot of detail and here I also learned quite a bit of trivia! 

One thing that is amazing and discussed in a fair and balanced way, is the fact that Led Zeppelin stole a lot of material from older (or not so old in the case of Dazed and Confused) and did not properly credit the artists… It seems virtually all of these were sorted out and the original artists were later added to the song credits…  NO one could get away with that today!!! 

There were not that many Led Zeppelin albums in the end but this is a great book. He also discuss the DVDs and other archive materials (BBC sessions). I also liked the last section about concert milestones. This was really interesting..  Great job Steve.. Cool book… 

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