Thursday, March 10, 2022

Fuzz Sagrado- A New Dimension (Self Released)

Christian (Samsara Blues Experiment) moved to Brazil a few years ago but he has not left the music scene. He says active creating this new one man project called Fuzz Sagrado. This is his first full length under this name after a couple of EPs. The sound is not a big and powerful (especially the drum and bass sound) as SBE but the mixes are good.. Anyway, it is about the songs and here, they shine and some have that SBE vibe while others are just Christian rocking out. The opening track is a solid rocker with nice vocals. A lot of riffing and no real guitar solo on this one until the track slows down and he mixes in some synth wind as well and keyboards for the beautiful mid section. Lunik IX features some acoustic guitar and layered vocals and a more spoken word approach to start.  A lush synth kicks in as the mood changes on this sort of darker number. Really nice track with the acoustic intro and outro..  Baby Bee starts with some nice guitar and bass and emotional singing (probably about his wife!).  In her Garden is a mid paced melodic rocker. He is really passionate and happy on this track. The mid section slows down (like a lot of SBE songs) with some keyboards to change the atmosphere.  A very nice guitar solo. The guy can for sure still play!!! Lovely…  The Mushroom Part is another acoustic track but this one features a mid paced drumming and bass guitar as well.  Love the way the synth sequence sneaks on for a few moments here and there. Further starts slowly with some hand drums and synthesizers but a dark mysterious vibe. This probably has the longest guitar solo and some nice use of effects and synths. He also throws in some other more psychedelic elements at the end as well. Tropical Rain starts with some storm and then a mid paced drum and melodic guitar line. Need for Simplicity ends this very nice and diverse album. This one is instrumental with nice acoustic guitar and synthesizers. Crashing Cascade ends this great album and one that has the most SBE vibe (like on the last record they made).  Seems Christian has worked out a deal to get this released on vinyl and CD, cool…

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